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Straight from the farm to your living room with professional setup
Freshly Cut Christmas Trees
About Us

Handy is bringing you Christmas tree delivery this holiday season in partnership with It's Christmas. Keep It Real to raise awareness of the benefits of a real tree and support our nation's tree farmers.

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Los Angeles

Handy is the leader in on-demand home services. We make the process of booking and managing home services delivered by top-notch professionals as easy as possible with a suite of online and mobile tools.

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New York

San Francisco

Washington, DC

Delivery is offered in the select cities listed below. If we do not service your zip code, you will be notified before your order is submitted.

What's Included?

We offer a full Christmas tree package to make setup completely hassle-free.

6-7' Douglas Fir Christmas tree

Steel-arm tree stand

Removal bag and skirt

Professional in-room delivery & setup




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